COVID-19 Impact Results

COVID-19 Impact Results

Louisiana in the Age of COVID-19: Through the Lens of ALICE:

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To access Louisiana in the Age of COVID-19: Through the Lens of ALICE (results for the Louisiana United Way COVID-19 Survey conducted in May, 2020), please click here

In May, United Ways across Louisiana and the Louisiana Association of United Ways conducted a statewide survey to assess the impact the COVID19 crisis had, thus far, on Louisiana families. Preliminary results are in and despite the dynamic challenges faced, Louisianans’ number one concern is contracting COVID-19.

Before the pandemic hit, one in four Louisiana households were led by workers unable to earn enough to cover the basics and save for unexpected crises or a job loss.

This survey, conducted at zero cost, thanks to a network of volunteer experts, including Steven Dick, PhD., member of the Louisiana ALICE (Asset limited, Income-constrained and Employed) Research Advisory Council, and advisory assistance provided by the National ALICE Project Team.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact your local United Way or Sarah Berthelot at LAUW by e-mail at