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Building the Capacity of Louisiana 2-1-1

Investments to build the capacity for Louisiana 2-1-1 create a win-win for our state, our communities, and our citizens. Public investments could equate into cost-savings for the state by reducing the number of Information and Referral contracts with various vendors and leveraging the grass-roots capabilities of regional 2-1-1 providers.  

Louisiana 2-1-1 acts as a front-line servant to Louisiana citizens seeking information and resources to meet needs. Every day, someone somewhere in Louisiana dials 2-1-1 seeking help. Callers are looking for resources like clothing, food, or programs for their families. Louisiana 2-1-1 listens to their needs and provides available resources. Citizens can easily access 2-1-1 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even during disasters.  Over the past 2 years, more than 375,000 people throughout Louisiana called 2-1-1 to seek assistance.

LAUW is eager to work with the State of Louisiana to build the capacity of the Louisiana 2-1-1 network and ensure all parishes of our state have access to high-quality 2-1-1 services. 

LAUW provides backbone support to the Louisiana 2-1-1 state network and leadership to the Louisiana 2-1-1 Coordinating Council. 

For more information about Louisiana 2-1-1, click here

Louisiana tax payers can provide check-off box donations using the Louisiana Tax Returns.  LAUW receives these donations to benefit Louisiana 2-1-1.